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Inspector General


Mr. Lou Fischer STARCOM Inspector General
Mr. Lou Fischer
Inspector General
HQ Space Training and Readiness Command

The Space Training and Readiness Command Inspector General reports directly to the commander, serving to report on efficiency, discipline, morale, training, and readiness throughout the command. Within the office of the IG, the inspection and complaints/investigations processes perform as fair, impartial, and objective fact-finding to assist senior leaders and the Guardians, Airmen and civilians they serve to quickly resolve issues of concern.
For concerns, please contact the STARCOM (Provided by SAF/IGQ/OL-A) or DoD IG Hotline:
STARCOM Hotline: (719) 552-1388 / DSN 559-1388
DoD IG Hotline: DSN 664-8799 / (703) 604-8799 / (800) 424-9098

STARCOM IG Mission Statement:
Validate STARCOMs contribution to USSF readiness through a comprehensive inspection program informing leaders at all levels of relevant mission risk and investigate complaints to promote continued good order and discipline.
STARCOM IG Vision Statement:
Bolster mission accomplishment by being fair, impartial, objective fact-finders and problem solvers for Guardians and Airmen at all levels