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  • STARCOM service member honored with SAIGE Military Meritorious Service Award

    U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Frances Dupris, an intelligence analyst, instructor, and Director of the Advanced Training Course at the 319th Combat Training Squadron, has received the Society of American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE) Military Meritorious Service Award for the second time.
  • Department of the Air Force announces preferred locations for STARCOM HQ, three Deltas

    The Department of the Air Force selected Patrick Space Force Base, Florida, as the preferred location to host the Space Training and Readiness Command Headquarters, along with Space Delta 10. Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, is the preferred location for Space Delta 11, and Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado, is the preferred location for Space Delta 12.
  • STARCOM to host NSTTC Industry Day

    The National Space Test and Training Complex (NSTTC) Integrated Program Office (IPO) is pleased to announce an upcoming Industry Day event on June 22-23, aimed at providing valuable insights and fostering collaboration between the government and commercial space industry.
  • Vandenberg Space Force Base Debuts Enlisted Strategy Course

    Fourteen Air and Space Force non-commissioned officers attended the first-ever Basic Enlisted Strategic Thinking (BEST) joint professional development course at the Vandenberg Space Force Base Education Center from May 8-12, 2023.
  • 392d CTS leads historic SPACE FLAG featuring live fires against SATCOM and cyber

    The 392d Combat Training Squadron, a part of Delta 1 under Space Training and Readiness Command, recently completed a historic, large force training exercise, where it executed the first live-fire against a satellite since SPACE FLAG’s debut in 2017.
  • Like father, like son: Space Force Guardian follows father's footsteps

    As Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Chua placed his personal U.S. Space Force patch on his son's uniform, it was a moment of pride and humility for them both. Chua, a seasoned Airman and now Guardian, was witnessing his son follow in his footsteps. It was a moment of deep significance as the torch of service and sacrifice was passed down from one generation to the next.
  • CU Boulder Det 105 USSF Patching Ceremony

    Col. Marcus Jackson, Space Base Delta 2 commander, and Col. Marc Brock, Space Delta 2 commander, were afforded the opportunity to honor Air Force Cadets with Detachment 105, University of Colorado Boulder to replace their Air Force patches with Space Force patches during what is known as a patching ceremony, April 27.
  • STARCOM commander discusses plans for new space testing and training ranges, announces industry day

    Commander of Space Training and Readiness Command, Maj. Gen. Shawn Bratton, outlined the vision for the National Space Test and Training Complex, or NSTTC, at the 2023 Space Symposium’s Satellite Forum Breakfast on April 19.
  • AAS recognizes STARCOM historian with President’s Award

    Space Training and Readiness Command historian and author, Dr. Rick W. Sturdevant, received the American Astronautical Society (AAS) President's Award for his work as series editor for the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) History Series, April 17.
  • USSPACECOM Hosts Panel Discussion

    U.S. Space Force Brig. Gen. Brian Sidari, U.S. Space Command director of intelligence, U.S. Space Force Brig. Gen. Todd Moore, U.S. Space Training and Readiness Command deputy commander, Barbara Golf, Strategic Advisor to the U.S. Space Force for Space Domain Awareness, John Lombardi, U.S. Space Command senior defense intelligence analysis and Christopher Gentry, U.S. Space Command Capability and Resource Integration directorate chief of staff, engage in a panel discussion on Space Domain Awareness during the 38th annual Space Symposium classified day, April 17, 2023, in Colorado Springs, Colo.