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Public Affairs

Public Affairs Mission
Through strategic and responsive release of accurate and useful information and imagery to joint service, domestic, and international audiences, PA puts operational actions into context; facilitates the development of informed perceptions about service operations; helps undermine adversarial propaganda efforts; and contributes to the achievement of national, strategic, and operational objectives.

Requesting Support
Submit all official STARCOM/PA support requests through the PA Productivity Portal (P3) as far in advance as possible. Advance notice provides PA the ability to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are available. 

PA services include:

a. Communication Planning
b. Community Engagement
c. Operations
d. Command Information
e. Production/Visual Information (photo, video, graphics)
f.  Media Operations
g. Security and Policy Review

Note: Please include as many details as possible such as the type of support requested, location, dates, times, etc. STARCOM/PA will review all requests for support within 48 business hours. Automated emails are sent confirming receipt of the request as well as whether STARCOM/PA support was approved or denied.

Social Media
The official social media sites for STARCOM are:, and 

These sites are operated by the STARCOM Public Affairs office using the same guidelines as the official website and print publications.