Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+

What We Do


    STARCOM will prepare the USSF to prevail in competition and conflict through innovative education, training, doctrine, and test  


    Prepare every Guardian, Develop superior space capabilities, and Deliver warfighting solutions. 


    PREPARE Every Guardian… 

  •    STARCOM will train, educate and develop world-class Guardians to prevail against dynamic adversaries 
  •    STARCOM will provide realistic and accessible training, range, and test environments to support the warfighter 
  •    STARCOM will innovate enhanced strategies for more resilient and defendable space power projection in an increasingly threatened space environment 

    DEVELOP Superior Space Capabilities… 

  •    STARCOM will build trust, grow relationships, and improve interoperability amongst Allies and Partners  
  •    STARCOM will cultivate Guardians who create new capabilities, test and evaluate concepts and validate new weapon system Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to execute space warfighting 

    DELIVER Warfighting Solutions… 

  •    STARCOM will increase AMERICA and her Allies’ ability to prevail in conflict through innovative warfighting capabilities and tactics that keep USSF ahead of any emerging threat  
  •    STARCOM will secure fully mission capable combat-ready weapon systems through test and mission rehearsals  
  •    STARCOM will execute realistic and integrated wargames to maximize joint warfighting proficiencies against current and future threats