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Delta 13

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The following data includes brief descriptions of sexual misconduct followed by disciplinary action  issued to the guilty party. Outcomes are grouped by year and
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Space Delta 13 – Education 

Space Delta 13 (DEL 13) delivers institutional developmental education, develops U.S. Space Force officer accessions and executes advanced education programs in order to prepare USSF forces and designated joint and allied partners to prevail in a CDO, all-domain environment.


Educate and develop Guardian leaders in support of the National Defense Strategy who are prepared to dominate the space domain in today’s complex global environment.  


The premier organization for development and education of space-domain experts, equipped to evolve spacepower for our nation and its allies.  


Commander: Col. Niki Lindhorst 

Senior Enlisted Leader: CMSgt Esther Sanford 


DEL 13 draws its heritage from the former 3430th Technical Training Group (TCHTG) at Lowry AFB, Colorado, which was responsible for all space related training in support of the former Air Force Space Command. The 3430th TCHTG was activated Oct. 1, 1984 and inactivated Sept. 1, 1991.


(Current as of August 2021)