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Delta 10 - Doctrine & Wargaming

Space Delta 10 Emblem
SPACE DELTA 10 – Space Doctrine, Tactics, Lessons Learned, and Wargaming 

Space Delta 10 (DEL 10) develops and presents Space Doctrine and Tactics, codifies lessons learned, and plans and executes wargames on behalf of the service. 


DEL 10 will develop USSF doctrine and tactics, conducts the USSF Lessons Learned Program, and executes and supports wargames in order to posture USSF forces, and designated joint and allied partners, to prevail in a Contested, Degraded, Operationally-Limited (CDO), all-domain environment. 


Develops, prepares and supports combat-minded USSF, joint and allied Space Warfighting Forces to prevail and maximize mission success in, to and from Space.   


Commander: Col. Jay Fulmer 
Senior Enlisted Leader: CMSgt Karmann Pogue 


Proposed Doctrine Hierarchy
Space Capstone Publication

SDN Operations 25 January 2022
SDP 1-0, Personnel
SDP 3-99, The DAF Role in Joint All-Domain Operations
SDP 4-0, Sustainment
SDP 5-0, Planning
Doctrine Fact Sheet - Doctrine Misconceptions
Doctrine Fact Sheet - Doctrine Development Process
Doctrine Fact Sheet - Heirarchy and Numbering
Doctrine Fact Sheet - Types of Doctrine
Doctrine Fact Sheet - What is Doctrine


(Current as of Oct 2022)